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chinese translation services
chinese translation services
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How to Make Certified Chinese Translation Content More Reliable? 2018-10-17
Translation is the link between different languages. Its scope is not limited to literary works, nor is it limited to scientific research or exchanges on national events. Certified Chinese translation becomes more and more important amongst people using different languages.
The Content and Scope of a Certified Chinese Translation Service 2018-10-17
Notarization is an act to certify the authenticity and legitimacy of civil juristic acts, facts, and documents upon the application of a natural person, legal person or any other organization in accordance with statutory requirements. Notarization is a judicial process in the national judicial system, which helps prevent disputes and uphold the legal system as well as legal order.
What is a Certified Chinese Translation? 2018-10-17
Certified Chinese Translation refers to certified documents issued to foreign countries by our notary public, regarding domestic civil legal acts and facts with legal significance.
Chinese translation agencies: Helping companies in the Greater Taipei Area in marketing promotion 2018-10-03
The rapid development of science and technology has led to fast Internet growth. People from all walks of life want to maximize the Internet and use its platform to expand their market and increase operating profit. With the development of the Internet, cross-regional economic and trade cooperation has also grown significantly, and translation services are no longer limited to written documents, but have gradually integrated with the Internet.
How does a Chinese translation company achieve better medical translation? 2018-10-03
Medical translation is not as complicated as we think, but it is not a simple job either. Mastering medical translation skills is necessary to achieve the best translations.
Legal translation problems that Chinese translation companies encounter (Second part) 2018-10-03
The previous section discussed the language issues encountered during translation. In this chapter, we will explain the professional issues that arise during translation.
Thai to Chinese translation - The relationship between language and culture in translation (from a Chinese translation company’s perspective) 2018-09-26
Since the beginning of the 21st century, there have been growing cultural exchanges between Thailand and our country. Translations from Thai to Chinese have helped break the language barrier and facilitated cultural exchanges between the two countries. Translation and culture influence each other. Hence, translators must first familiarize themselves with the Thai culture in order to properly translate texts and promote cultural development and communication. How do Thai translations and culture affect each other? What is the role of a Chinese translation company?
What makes a good Chinese medical translation company? Part II 2018-09-26
3. Transparency: If a company maintains transparency in its business operations, then it strictly complies with regulations. It has a method of providing quotation and disclosing information to show the company's management system. Publication process may also be included in its website, etc.
What makes a good Chinese medical translation company? Part I 2018-09-26
A Chinese medical translation company helps researchers or academics translate papers, books, and magazines. Researchers are able to receive formal assistance and professional guidance from English translators. But what makes a good Chinese medical translation company?
Chinese translation agency: Striking a balance between quantity and quality 2018-09-21
There has been an increasing demand for translation of articles from other languages to Chinese. Hence, Chinese translation agencies have been receiving heavier workloads, which have somehow affected translation efficiency due to various reasons, such as failure to meet deadlines or compromising translation quality for quantity.
chinese translation services

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