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Information about Chinese translation companies —Introduction to TRADOS translation memory software (1)

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The following information is provided by Chinese translation company.
What makes TRADOS one of the world’s largest companies in the field of professional translation? Undoubtedly, the core techniques of TRADOS (Translation Memory, or TM) play an important role. The rationale behind Translation Memory is rather simple. The field of professional translation involves a great deal of data and covers a relatively narrow range, which means that to some extent, the data may be repeated. According to statistics, the repetition rate of such data in various industries and sections may range between 20% and 70%, making 20% or more of the translators’ efforts meaningless, repetitive work. The translation memory technique aims to solve this problem. The priority is to eliminate repetitive work of translators to increase efficiency.

The translation memory technique is based on the following principle: Users may utilize existing source texts and translated texts to establish one or more Translation Memory databases. In the process, the system automatically searches for identical or similar data from the memory database (such as sentences and passages) and provide translation for users’ reference. Users can avoid unnecessary and repetitive work so as to focus on translating new content. The Translation Memory database automatically continues to learn and store new translation, which makes it even “smarter” and more efficient.

TRADOS makes use of the translation memory technique to achieve effective management and application of translation data from users. It further realizes central management of translation projects, making professional translation more scientific and standardized. Users’ review shows that the solution TRADOS offers can increase work efficiency for English and Japanese translation tasks by at least 30% and reduce at least 30% of the cost. For example, in translating documents, TRADOS helped increase efficiency by 60% in the localization of Microsoft Windows. It also amazingly helped increase the efficiency of many translation projects of the European Union by 100%.

At the initial stage of software development, TRADOS has been keeping up with the practical demand and development of professional translation service and localization for overseas companies. The software package organizes the data based on professional operational procedure and project management. TRADOS has three modules; namely, Project Manager, Specialist, and Translator, which are specifically designed for users’ functions and nature of work. The three modules are independent yet closely related to one another. The design has been adopted as a framework for translation project management by many enterprises and users from the industry. The specialized module for users with different functions makes it more practicable and efficient to implement all translation tasks. Some enterprises used to apply the most complicated business model, which includes utilizing in-house translators and outsourcing translation works. After adopting the solution, quality and schedule management for both internal and external projects become clearer and more straightforward.
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chinese translation services

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