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chinese translation services
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Chinese translation company: Key points in legal translation 2018-10-22
In law, the first thing that comes to mind is a rigorous set of words. Each word has its own unique function and best defines legal standards. Adding or deleting a word changes the original meaning of the law; the same applies to legal translations .
Essential Writing Techniques in Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-24
A. During the Chinese document translation we found that English grammar is structure-oriented while Chinese grammar is semantic -oriented. In terms of structure, the former is more logical, while the latter is more expressive.
Characteristics and Requirements of Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-23
Chinese document translation requires a high quality of comprehension. Qualified Chinese document translator must have a solid command of a foreign language and a rich professional knowledge. With the rapid development of societies and advances in science and technology, we have seen relationships grow in terms of political, economic, cultural and other aspects. Communication and cultural exchange between countries and people have become widespread due to mutual cooperation as well as political and economic influences of members in the "global village". Language as a medium of communication needs to develop. Translation and translation are a means of information exchange and cross-national exchange of languages and cultures. The job of translators in interpreting one language to another is very important. Therefore, translation is not only a form of language exchange or skill application, but also the translators and translators’ deep comprehension of cultures and languages. There are on-site translation and written language translation. Although they are quite similar, they have different characteristics in terms of work environment and requirements. Shuobo Translation Services aims to discuss the characteristics and requirements involved in translation to determine the limitations and nature of this type of work.
Skills used in Chinese Document Translation: Key Vocabularies (B) 2013-07-19
There’s a lot of skills will be used in Chinese document translation, this time we continue to show you some typical vocabularies with example sentences. We hope that will help with some non-native Chinese learner.
Chinese Document Translation Appreciation: Medical Radiation Check 2013-07-17
Today we start from an exert of Chinese document translation file which concern about the medical radiation check to show how to make good medical translations.
Chinese Document Translation Shares Its Works 2013-07-17
Chinese document translation once did the trail translation for the following novels. And it is a proud to share with you.
Techniques Often Used in Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-15
It’s not easy to truly master the techniques of Chinese document translation since translators will meet various difficulties in Chinese document translation. Firstly, all English learners share the same view: it’s difficult to have a grasp of the English language due to the difference in history, culture and customs. The English sentences which are regarded as logical by people from England and America are illogical and intermittent in Chinese. Secondly, there is a difference in Chinese expression: translators may get dizzy looking for an equivalent word just like looking for a key anxiously to open a box with no result. In addition, it demands a high level of cultural knowledge since the article we translate may relate to a wide range of fields, most of which are unfamiliar to us. If we have no corresponding cultural knowledge, errors or mistranslation is inevitable. Because of all those difficulties, we need to have a contrast and summary of the features of the two languages to find a general expressive law, thus avoiding errors in translation. All those expressive laws are the translation skills we have mentioned.
Chinese Document Translation Reveals Twelve Facts about Michael Jackson 2013-07-12
Chinese document translation reveals twelve facts about Michael Jackson
Suggestions for Choosing Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-11
How to evaluate a test translation A translation company considers test Chinese document translation as an important aspect to evaluate a translator’s ability. A company that values translation quality would conduct a background check on a translator based on the CV / relevant qualifications, telephone interview, etc. However, there has yet to be an effective scientific evaluation method to test a translator’s ability. Normally, the company’s internal professional translators would evaluate the potential translator. The test is usually limited to 300 words; anything beyond that would be considered questionable.
Problems in English to Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-10
Currently, there are several problems found in Chinese document translation and they are as follows:
chinese translation services

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