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chinese translation services
chinese translation services

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About HouGuan

We are Elite Chinese Translation Services, a professional Chinese translation company composed of national-level translators from China and Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and translators with master's/PhD degree in related disciplines from reputable universities. With native-language proficiency

We can translate the following languages: English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc., into simplified and traditional Chinese.

Our diversified translation services includes document translation, oral interpretation, thesis translation, webpage translation, audio/video translation, data translation, resume translation, typing and typesetting, transcription, voice recording and translations related to website/webpage localization.

If you have any translation requirement, we offer a short translation trial that allows you to evaluate the quality of our translation.

Every document is strictly examined and scheduled by our experienced administrators to effectively manage the overall process. We have senior editors and native language teachers who proofread the translation and check for accuracy in order to achieve superior quality translation.

HouGuan Basic advice Translation services
  •   Total staff: above 40
  •   Language covered: above 40 languages
  •   Major service: Translation into Simplified Chinese and     Traditional Chinese
  •   Full-time translators: above 30
  •   Domestic long-term cooperative companies: above 80
  •   Overseas long-term cooperative companies: above 50
  •   Long-term cooperative translators: above 150
  •   Long-term cooperative native-speaking translators: above     200
  •   Service locations:Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Guangzhou
  •   Main languages: Translation into Simplified Chinese or     Traditional Chinese from English, Japanese, Korean, Thai,     Indonesian, Vietnamese, Pilipino, Portuguese, Spanish,     French, German, Italian, etc.
  •   Minor languages: Translation into Simplified Chinese or     Traditional Chinese from Cantonese, Greek, Czech, Turkish,     Malaysian, Cambodian, Burmese, Polish, Danish, Swedish,     Dutch, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, etc.
  •   We also provide the translation services between Simplified     Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
chinese translation services

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