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How to choose a good Chinese translation agency (1)

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Finding a reputable Chinese translation agency is a top priority. Character is important to people as reputation is important to business. Honesty is the foundation and path to development. Without honesty, one cannot be trusted. Without credibility, one cannot be accepted in society. Similarly, a good translation agency needs to build its reputation as well as customer trust in order to grow its brand through long-term management. A brand should not only guarantee reputation, but should also represent superior quality. An unreliable company only brings problems to customers. So, choosing a translation agency with long-term business success and large-scale operations is the best way to protect clients from false advertising and promotion. Translation quality should also be checked.

How to evaluate a Chinese translation agency’s translation quality; translation is a written language processed by a professional with remarkable language proficiency and strict quality control. Translation service is considered an invisible product. Unless a translation work is completed, its quality cannot be confirmed.

Clients can assess agencies based on the three main criteria listed below:
1. Qualifications of the company’s professional translators, 2. Management system and operating procedures of the company, 3. Trial translations provided by the company

These are some clients’ misconceptions about the translation industry:
1. A language major can be a translator as long as he or she has a certificate. In reality, doing translation work is highly dependent on experience. One cannot gain professional competence without years of experience. Many translation errors are committed by foreign language personnel who have skills certificates but are not really competent in handling professional translations. These “translators” tarnish the image of the translation industry and destroy customer trust. Good translators do not only have years of professional foreign language experience, but they also have personal knowledge and experience of living overseas. They also have a global mindset and vision that enable them to deal with translation issues relating to different regions, ethnicities, cultures and customs. In addition, they have a strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics.

2. There’s not much difference between the managing systems and operating procedures of Chinese translation agencies. This misconception cannot be taken against customers since advertisements and commercials influenced how they think. Both large and small-scale translation agencies have similar commercial information and business presentation. However, management and procedures among Chinese translation companies should not be duplicated. (To be continued)

chinese translation services

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