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Interpreting is a difficult and professional job, which requries not only excellent bilingual ability but also the knowledges about various fields and cultural backgrounds, as well as the international affairs. He/she who engage in this job should also master the interpreting skills, keep the anti-stress and physical ability well, so as to dealing with the unpredictable situations when interprating for a long time. Undoubtedly, interpreting is a task calling for both experiences and learning. HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd keeps this principle in mind, which always assign the interpreters who have rich experiences and is quite suitable, so as to provide the customers best services.

Currently, interpretation services include: two-way interpretion of Chinese, English, Janpanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spain, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai

Liaison interpretatioin:

We will assign the professional interpreters according to your special demands, for instance, reception of foreign guest, oral explanations for field of industry, business and administration. We can also go with you all over the world, providing the service of liaison interpretation for you.
Business negotiation:

Interpreters who are proficient in negotiation skills will be assigned to assist you in contract signing with foreign manufactures, business visits, products issuing conferences, exhibition guiding & explaining, telephone negotiation, etc. We can also go with you all over the world, providing the service of business negotiation for you.
Concecutive interpretation, Simultaneous interpretation:

International conference, exhibition, information meeting, press conference, presentations held in Asia by foreigner. We will assign the most experienced interpreter for you, providing both simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.
Ear phone and interpreting equipment lease:
We also provide the excellent equipment to enhance the whole interpreting, in addition to the professional interpreter. For the interpretation equipment lease and venue organization, the services are only available locally in China and Taiwan.
english chinese translation services

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