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certified chinese translation
certified chinese translation
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Ppeople, from students to employees, as well as enterprises, require the concise and precise documents to exchange with others. Facing the various types of professional files, the demands for international communications, different expressions and standards, it is urgent to ask a translator to assit you. HouGuan Translation Services holds the opinion that the key point of translation is the annotation of meaning. In different occasion and contexts, the principles, emphasis and the selection of words and sentences are all different. An excellent traslated text should not only express the meaning of original texts, but also show the context and essences well.

The translators in our company include the national first-grade translators, foreign experts, returned students and the masters graduated from famous graduate school. Each translator in our company are of high professional quality, proficient in translation with five years' translation experiences, and they can also complete the task on time as well as ensure the professional terms fit perfectly.

We have established long-term relations with the governments and enterprises, received good reputation via our translaiton quality. We warmly welcome your query and hope to cooperate with companies in different fields. We hope our service can help you to a higer achievements.

certified chinese translation Types of Translation:
    Various manuals, Technical documents, Company document, Business letters, Legal contracts, Medical documents,
    Notarial documents, Conference reports, Webpage translation, Thesises and dissertation , General books and letters, etc.

certified chinese translation Main languages:
    Translation into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese from English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian,
     Vietnamese, Pilipino, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.

certified chinese translation Minor languages:
    Translation into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese from Cantonese, Greek, Czech, Turkish, Malaysian,
     Cambodian, Burmese, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, etc.
    We also provide the translation services between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

professional chinese translation Proficient in Sci-tech, engineering translation:
    Electric, Computer, Communication, Machinery, Electrical machine, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Petrifaction,
     Construction, Engineering, Vehicle, Traffic, Aviation , Photography, Mathematics, Environment protection, Building,
     Energy, Metallurgy, etc.

professional chinese translation Proficient in legal & businesses translation:
    Law, Patent, Business letters, Immigration documents , Business administration, Finance-taxation,
    Accounting, Statistics, Economy, Investment, etc.

professional chinese translation Proficient in social & literary Translation:
    Thesis, Art humanity, Biography, Music, Tourism, News, History, Politics, Society, Religion, Philosophy,
    Psychology,Education, Geography, Physical, Bibliography, Development cases, Commentary files, etc.

professional chinese translation Proficient in medicine & food Translation:
    Medicine, Hygiene, Food nutrition, Cosmetology

professional chinese translation Proficient in general translation:
    Mass communication, Advertisement, Agriculture, Astronomy

certified chinese translation

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