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chinese translation services

How to differentiate the levels of professionalism of Chinese Translation company

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The quality of Chinese translation companies should not be determined based on the area and size of the staff. Instead, clients should focus on several aspects, which are summarized below:

1. Quality of translation
Online translation websites are quite common nowadays. Users only need to input the source text and the translation is generated automatically, which seems rather simple and efficient. Anyone who has basic knowledge of the target language can understand it. On the other hand, clients who entrust projects to translation agencies certainly have higher standards in terms of translation quality. They expect translated articles to be straightforward, concise, clear and easy to understand. So, at the initial stage of choosing a translation agency, the company should assign simple projects first, and then entrust more important cases after evaluating the quality of translation.

2. Translation service fees
Clients consider the translation fee as an important factor when choosing a Chinese translation company. They hope to get the best outcome for a limited budget and would work with a company with the best cost performance ratio. There are no specific regulations for translation service fees, so price may vary greatly. It is inadvisable to lower the translation quality standard in order to cut cost!

3. Efficiency of translation
The capacity of a company may be a direct reflection of its translation efficiency. A translation agency that could complete a task on time or even before the deadline set by the client is more likely to win the trust of the client. Translating takes time and effort. Translators need to have sufficient time to complete a task. Some clients may send urgent projects for translation within a limited time. Hence, the capability of a translation agency to assign the best full-time translator to complete the task could influence how a client evaluates the agency.

4. Geographical limit 
Some clients prefer to entrust cases to local Chinese translation companies on the basis of geographical adjacency, which is good for future cooperation. So, having a positive reputation in the local community may be an important factor for a translation agency to find new clients. Some translation agencies focus on seeking local business opportunities at the initial stage. These translation companies may get projects through word-of-mouth recommendations. They may not have official websites, but potential clients can find relevant information, reviews of their services, and so on.

chinese translation services

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