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In a Chinese translation agency, good qualified technical personnel are hard to come by

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For Chinese translation agency, technical translation is rather serious in terms of speech and manner. Most people find technical translation dull and boring, complex and profound, as well as difficult to express. In addition, many translators are in a relatively vulnerable position during the translation process.

A translation should be true, accurate and consistent with the original text, but how is technical information successfully translated from the original text; how is knowledge conveyed, how is technical interaction achieved and how is content accuracy ensured? A successful technical translator should be strong-minded and judgmental. With one’s own knowledge, experience and expertise, the one can handle gains and losses skillfully as having flowers at hand easily or walking elegantly. 

Finding qualified technical translation personnel is quite difficult. Many experts say that the current method of cultivating foreign language translators needs to be reformed. College students who major in foreign language could barely work as translators four or five years after they graduate. Relevant sources reveal that there are hundreds of local translation agencies and 70% of which are engaged in technical translation with thousands of translators specializing in this field. These agencies recruit 500 to 600 people from colleges and universities, but finding professional technical translators is not easy. Some experts believe that agencies are unable to find technical translators among college graduates, because these graduates of foreign language lack proper training and education that Chinese translation agencies require. They are only equipped with fundamental knowledge of language, vocabulary, grammar and translation theory.

chinese translation services

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