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English Chinese translation services - How to master literary style (2)

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English Chinese translation services offer the following information:

More people agree with the first opinion which is ideal and may not be achievable, rather than the second, which is too extreme. Literary style varies from person to person; each writer has his/her own style. Non-literary works are often materials with common characteristics, with a collective literary style applied by any writer. Such materials include scientific dissertations and legal documents that need to have accurate words, clear and understandable expressions, and objective narrations without any emotion (i.e. like a person keeping a straight face while talking).

Articles or written materials should use vivid language and flexible sentences to make readers feel that knowledge or truth is being imparted to them. This rule applies to both written articles in Chinese and English. These two languages are interlinked. Based on Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Universal Copyright Convention:

Unpublished works of nationals of each Contracting State shall enjoy the same protection as unpublished works granted to nationals of other Contracting States, as well as protection specifically granted by this Convention. (任何成員國國民未出版的作品,在其他各成員國中均享有後者給予其國民之未出版的作品同等的保護,並享有本公約所專門授予的保護。)|

This translation corresponds with the original style and the common Chinese style. Hence, original content should be translated using similar terms. In terms of style non-literary works are so much easier to translate than literary ones, and the style is not empty and unpredictable. For beginners who do not specialize in literary translation, there are two things to remember. First, develop the ability to distinguish colloquial language from written language when translating dialogues and narratives; second, use a different style and language when translating news documents, stories, and poetry Translation becomes effective when these methods are applied and the original content is understood. If there is any question, feel free to contact the English Chinese translation services.

chinese translation services

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