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chinese translation services

How to choose a Chinese translation agency

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There are numerous options available, but how do we find a Chinese translation agency that does not only cost less but also guarantees quality? Read the following articles and discover something different. Choosing a Chinese translation agency requires several techniques. Firstly, we need to know the office size of a Chinese translation agency and its date of establishment. The office location is a reflection of the company’s strength; however, visiting the office in person is advisable for verification purposes since many Chinese translation agencies provide photos of their offices for promotion. The date of establishment of a Chinese translation company is  a very important factor to customers. A company that has a long history is considered more reputable and credible. Secondly, we have to know if a Chinese translation agency has completed prominent projects or have many translators. 

What do you think of a company that deals with different business enterprises all day? Why wouldn’t we trust a company chosen by many business enterprises? The sales performance of a Chinese translation agency can influence our choices. A good Chinese translation agency usually has an adequate number of translators, from full-time to part-time. However, many agencies make the same claims, so verification is necessary when we see similar information. Lastly, reviewing previous translation works or asking for a free trial is recommended, as well as taking note of the quoted price.

Normally, Chinese translation agencies wouldn’t provide projects they cooperated with other clients to the public. However, some trials are provided to clients as reference when necessary. Additionally, the fees of a Chinese translation agency should be settled before commencing cooperation. Generally, there won’t be too much discrepancy between a translation service at all levels and service on the market in terms of criteria. However, we all need to be alert if the price of a translation service is too low or too high.


chinese translation services

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