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Ten important rules in English translation- EnglishChinese translation services companies provide

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Ten important rules in English translation- English Chinese translation services companies tell you!
(1) Understand rules of English translation: English noun and preposition are used relatively frequently, pronoun is used relatively frequently, but verb and notional word are used relatively frequently in Chinese.
(2) Pay attention to tense of sentences and translate tense. Because English is different from Chinese, the expression of English tense is by verb tense, but the expression of Chinese tense is by practice adverbial. Therefore, we must convert verb tense into temporal adverbial in translation.
(3) Pay attention to voice of sentences. English sentences can be divided into passive voice and active voice. We can make a change according to the situation of sentences in English translation but must know which one is active one and which one is passive one.
(4) Pay attention to word order on translating sentences. We frequently move sentence elements or conduct a sort according to the length of the words to avoid top-heaviness when writing English sentences. At this time, if we translate directly, we will feel that the translated articles are a little bit strange. Therefore, it is better to change the word order in translation, and translated sentences should conform to the Chinese phrase.
(5) Choose the correct meaning of the word. Some words are multi-meaning words. The trial method must be used in translation. We try to put in different meanings and then choose one which is most suitable for the meaning of the sentence.
(6) Correctly choose the subject. English expression is as simple as possible so more pronouns are used at most of the time. Then, at this time, we must read previous contents and analyze what the subject of this sentence is. Of course, singular and plural of the subject is also worthy of attention.
(7) There are main points and omissions about some adverbs in English Chinese translation services. The match of some adverbs and verbs can’t be translated directly, and we can translate adverbs of the original text into predicates or clauses. However, on sentence-initial adverbs, we must pay much attention because these adverbs frequently have abundant meanings. When they are translated into Chinese, we can give full play to our own language ability.
(8) Necessary omissions are also needed to be translated in English sentences. In order to express English simply, sometimes some omissions will be made. Currently, we must translate the omitted part according to the meaning of the sentence that we understand.
(9) Understand the expression phrase of English sentences. For example, in English, personal feelings are expressed first in a sentence, then actions related to feelings are spoken of, and finally things which happened are mentioned. But our Chinese phrase is just opposite, so we should express them accurately when translating English.
(10) Pay attention to proper expression. The expression should be elegant when it needs elegance, but the expression shouldn’t be too contrived when it needs colloquialism.
Translation is a professional discipline. If there is the document that needs to be translated but our own ability isn’t sufficient, one of the best choices is to look for the help of professional English Chinese translation services companies. That is, we can use the fastest speed to get the best solution.

chinese translation services

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