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Inadequacies of English-Chinese translation services in cuisine translation

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Chinese cuisine is famous for its unique technique and style, as well as colorful, flavorful, and tasty fare. The names of Chinese dishes also have cultural significance. In this age of massive global interaction, cuisine English-Chinese translation services helps convey Chinese culture and plays a major role in promoting cultural exchange between different countries. However, there are instances when we encounter poorly translated menus. Hence, cuisine translation still has plenty of room for improvement.

Many people are aware of traditional Chinese festivals and some of them have learned to appreciate Chinese cuisine, emphasizing the need for menu English-Chinese translation services. Chinese dishes such as “dumpling”, “glutinous rice ball”, and “rice dumpling” among others are truly unique. Technically speaking, these dishes are distinct but at times, they are referred to simply as “dumpling” in English. Each delicacy represents an important traditional Chinese festival with deep cultural relevance. If a foreigner lacks understanding of Chinese culture, he or she would not understand the meaning behind these dishes.
Chinese cuisine involves a painstaking and meticulous process to produce colorful, flavorful, and tasty dishes. Menu translation entails not only language conversion, but also culture transformation. However, many menu translations fail to highlight the cultural relevance of dishes and instead, provide literal translations that do not convey meaning, which gives value to the dishes. 
Chinese cuisine means more than just food. Menu English-Chinese translation services is a way to promote Chinese culture around the world, introducing unique dishes and their cultural significance.

chinese translation services

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