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The Secret of English-Chinese Translation Services (The Experience of In-House Translator in Taichung)

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Working as a English-Chinese translator not only requires a deep foundational understanding in languages, it also requires the accumulation of experience of being exposed to the English language. Apart from working and learning hard in the free time to complete translation works, one must also master the secret of translation.


  One of the secrets to English-Chinese translation services is: Patience. Whatever you do, patience is always key to your success. Such is particularly true for the case of English learning. If you aren’t patient enough, it is most unlikely that you will be persistent enough to carry on with the dry and boring English learning. When translating an article, you are bound to come across words or sentences you are unfamiliar with. That is not your cue to give up. Instead, you must finish reading the remaining of the sentence patiently. Then, you will be able to guess the meaning of the previous sentence based on your understanding of the one after, making it easier for you to understand the entire passage.

    The second secret to English-Chinese translation services is: Thinking. Many English words have more than one meaning. That is why in most cases, one must consider the different meanings to see which fits what the article is trying to deliver. It might not be a word, sometimes even sentences can have different meanings in the different contexts; translators must determine which translation is more suitable in one context, and how the meaning can be distinctively different in another context. This is what makes translation so complex, but this is also where the challenge is.
   The third secret to mastering English-Chinese translation services is: Fluency. The most important part of an article is to have fluent sentences that make sense to readers. If translation causes the article to fall into pieces and cease to be an article to be easily understood, the purpose of translation would be lost. Therefore, when we translate an article sentence by sentence, we must go back to re-organize our language used. In some cases, the meaning of the sentences might not be entirely identical with that of the original source text. The goal here is to deliver the passage according to readers of the language to be translated in. The above content covers the secret of translation by the in-house translator in Taichung.

chinese translation services

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