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Let’s talk about French translation in Taiwan

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Most projects that translation agencies handle are English and Japanese translations. There is a lower translation demand for other languages, but occasionally there are translation requests for other European languages. Given the low demand for other languages, fewer translators offer the service and fees are relatively higher. In addition, French translators vary depending on their professional backgrounds. As a result, finding a suitable translator is difficult. Moreover, French translation is not as common and popular compared to other languages. Book translation from French to Chinese is one form of translation.

France is known for its rich culture and art. Its literature, films, paintings and architecture are recognized and appreciated worldwide, making it one of Europe’s long-established cultural centers. Despite the era of globalization where English is the prevailing language, there are still countless writings in French; for example, Les Misérables, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Lady with the Camellias, etc. Hence, the need for translating French books into Chinese is not uncommon. There is still a necessity to translate French books. What are the factors to look for in a translation agency?

Those who require book translations are not necessarily the original authors, so they do not have the original text files that can be turned over to translation agencies for reference. Normally, translation agencies ask for scanned files or photos of the book to have an idea of the content and degree of difficulty in order to make an initial estimate of the fees. Files provided by clients are generally more difficult to translate than text files, and these take translation agencies more time to complete tasks.

  There are different types of books translated from French to Chinese; e.g., fairy tale books, which require a lively, colloquial translation style, as opposed to historical articles that use more serious and academic terms. Books and articles vary and need to be translated differently. If an article on history is translated using colloquial language, the translation work would veer away from the original article and appear awkward. Similarly, if a fairy tale is written with an adult tone, children would fail to appreciate the translated story. Therefore, it is necessary for translators to use appropriate expressions depending on the types of books they are working on, so as to effectively accomplish projects and meet the needs of clients. 

  The translation market in Taiwan is mostly focused on English and Japanese translations but occasionally there are also translation requests for other languages, such as Korean or French. Since France is known for its rich culture and art, there has been a demand for book translations from French to Chinese. There have been book translation requirements from clients who are not the authors of the books. Since these clients do not have the original text files, they can only provide the translation agencies and translators with scanned files. Translation agencies then assess the level of difficulty according to their professional capabilities. Once projects are accepted, translators work on the files, which are more difficult to handle than text files.

chinese translation services

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