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Chinese translation company: Key points in legal translation

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In law, the first thing that comes to mind is a rigorous set of words. Each word has its own unique function and best defines legal standards. Adding or deleting a word changes the original meaning of the law; the same applies to legal translations .
A legal translator has to be a legal professional and must have a corresponding foreign language license. Otherwise, he or she cannot guarantee the correctness of translation. Only professionals can thoroughly understand the meaning of the law, and can determine the key points, allowing no ambiguity or loopholes. Legal statements use precise words and a single structure. They are generally straightforward. Double negatives are never used, as well as uncertain words such as "probably, maybe, and almost". Translation should be similar to the structure of the original text, including statements, which are straightforward with no indefinite pronouns present. It is worth mentioning that in Chinese grammar, the personal pronoun generally used is "he", while in translations, it’s the pronoun "it".
Legal language is very different in Chinese. For example, words with "no" in Chinese are mostly used as predicate or descriptive word rather than part of the main content. But in law, this type of word is used as a verb and is essential to statements, such as "no conduct." When such verbs are encountered in translation, they can be used as subject or object. Sometimes, antonyms are used extensively in legal language to express conflicting situations and contradictions. Using legal terms also applies in Chinese documents. When translating, it is important to pay special attention to the meaning of words.


chinese translation services

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