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How to select the right translation agency to handle academic articles

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Translation has become one of the most popular part-time jobs in today's society. There are a variety of translation companies handling academic journals. Some of them are good while others are not, making it difficult for clients to choose the right translation agency. What are the criteria for choosing the most suitable Chinese translation agency that specializes in academic journals?


1. Advantage of a Chinese translation agency in terms of translation process and according to relevant information found on search engines like Google and others. Translation agencies that introduce their service normally show the benefits to attract and provide clients a general view of their translation process. However, it is only by knowing the actual translation capability of a company can we objectively determine its quality. It is important to check if a company is formally registered with the Department of Commerce. The overall academic translation capability of a translation agency should also be evaluated.


2.  Longevity of a translation agency. Normally, a long-established Chinese translation agency has proven ability and track record of success unlike those that were unable to stay in business amid fierce competition. A reputable translation agency with many existing clients can gain new ones by word-of-mouth. Hence, it is important to choose a Chinese translation agency with business longevity and academic translation experience.


3. Feedback from clients. The clients' assessment of a translation agency’s work performance is important. Generally, no client deliberately lowers or raises the status of a translation agency. A translation agency praised by its clients must be worthy of recognition; the higher the evaluation, the better the agency’s translation ability.


 We hope that the above criteria for choosing a suitable Chinese translation agency can help you make the right decision.

chinese translation services

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