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Characteristics of a Certified Chinese Translation of Legal Documents

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    Unlike common language, legal language is authoritative and powerful. Law is binding and it doesn’t change according to personal taste. The same applies to legal language which is highly distinct. Thus, certified Chinese translation of legal documents should be done carefully and meticulously.

    Legal content translation can be classified as a formal and rigid form of language translation. It involves professional and technical terms. It uses certain words that have distinct meanings when used in legal documents. Legal content has a special writing style which is totally different from common content, words, meanings, terms, expressions, etc.

    The clauses within a legal document serve a specific purpose; therefore clients should be careful when choosing the right certified Chinese translation service. There are three types of legislative provisions:  behavioral provisions, regulations and definitions. Behavioral provisions include the statement of the case which specifies the responsibilities, obligations, delegation of authority, prohibition of certain behaviors, power of authorization to a person or group, etc.

    The statement in the certified Chinese translation of legal documents has a special sentence structure.
I.Legal language is a tool.
II.Legal content has distinct characteristics that are different from others.
III.A legal document has clear and specific characteristics like Chinese translation.
IV.Legal language has different semantic principles as compared to commonly used languages.

chinese translation services

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