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Chinese Translation Agency Draft: Nuclear Medicine Heart Photography

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    Below is a draft done by the translator of Chinese translation agency:

    1. 鉈-201 心肌梗塞單光子發射電腦體層攝影照片靜脈給與雙嘧達莫5分鐘以後攝影,4小時恢復期重新分配顯示無低容量灌注缺損,除基底的不均一灌注(20-40%--->30-40% 與達峰活性相比) (左前降支範圍 5%--->2%,冠狀動脈左旋支範圍:0%--->0%,右冠狀動脈範圍:6%-->0%缺損)
    The thallium -201 myocardial SPECT scintiphotos at 5 minutes after intravenous dipyridamole phargacologic stress and after 4 hours rest redistribution revealed no definite perfusion defect in LV except for mild inhomogeneous perfusion in basal inferior wall(20-40%--->30-40% decrease as compared to the peak activity )(LAD territory 5%--->2%,LCX territory:0%--->0%,RCA territory :6%-->0%extent of defect) 

    The translators of the Chinese translation agency are grateful if there’s any other translator to share opinion with us.

chinese translation services

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