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Skills used in Chinese Document Translation: Key Vocabularies (B)

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    There’s a lot of skills will be used in Chinese document translation, this time we continue to show you some typical vocabularies with example sentences. We hope that will help with some non-native Chinese learner.

Advanced Level:

I.be involved in:捲入…之中,參與…之中 

What today’s global market economy teaches many of us who are involved in political life is that even when they are inconvenient, the laws of economics, like the laws of physics, cannot be repealed for the convenience of governments.

III.as difficult to implement as they are easy to state:implement:執行,貫徹; state:宣佈。可以譯成說起來容易做起來難。 


V.than ever before:ever表示強調,意為前所未有的。
The economic principles for national success are as difficult to implement as they are easy to state. There is a paradox in all our countries. Just as a new global economy creates more to look forward to than ever before, it also brings more uncertainty and more change to worry about than ever before.

VI.crafting economy policy in your country: “crafting” refers to exquisite handicraft. The exquisite economic policy indicates that the economy is able to exquisitely cater for the national conditions. Hence, the sentence can be translated like this”制定符合國情的經濟政策。 

VII.moving toward necessary objectives:達到所需目標。Taking into consideration of the context, what we need to cater for is making reform in the environment driven by the new global economic tendency.

IX. struck: “strike a balance” has a specific meaning in the dictionary, while “to find a compromise” means giving consideration to both parts in the sentence.

Example: That is why the challenge of crafting economy policy in your country as in mine is one of balance. A balance between moving toward necessary objectives and maintaining stability. A balance between responding to global realities and upholding domestic traditions. And a balance between the virtues of competition as the best known motivator and driver of success, and the importance of cohesion and cooperation as sources of strength for our societies. These balances will have to be struck and calibrated every year in every country in this new global economy.

So much for the Chinese document translation service’s sharing of the advanced vocabularies of political related document translation.

chinese translation services

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