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Chinese Translation Agency Skills: Vocabularies Translation

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    In the business translation field, we often meet some words which is quit different to the regular meanings, so translators must put attention on this point. For this time translators of the Chinese translation agency is going to share some of the vocabularies using in the business translation field.

1.Advanced Level:

I. prolific:多產的,高產的 

II. Renaissance man:多才多藝的人
    Over his 95 prolific years, he had been a true Renaissance man, and teacher of religion, philosophy and political science. 

III. community:社區,共同體 

IV. triumph:獲得勝利,成功 

V. egalitarian:平等主義;平等主義的 

VI. champion:擁護,支持;冠軍,擁護者
    He no longer saw the corporation as the ideal space to create community. In fact, he saw nearly the opposite: a place where self-interest had triumphed over the egalitarian principles he long championed. 

VII. emerge:浮現,呈現,暴露 

VIII. conglomerate:聚結;合併 

IX. rage:狂暴;憤怒;風行 

X. preach:鼓吹;說教 

XI. reckless:不計後果的;任意妄為的 

XII. acquisition:獲得,獲得物
    Druckers emerged as one of Corporate America’s most important critics. When conglomerates were the rage, he preached against reckless mergers and acquisitions. 

XIII. implore:懇求,哀求 

XIV. compensation:補償,賠償
    In a 1984 essay he persuasively argued that CEO pay had rocketed out of control and implored boards to hold CEO compensation to no more than 20 times what the rank and file made. 

XV. severance:嚴厲,嚴格,嚴峻 

XVI. pervert:反常,使不一樣 

XVII. look out:照料;留心,留意
    He maintained that multi-million-dollar severance packages had perverted management’s ability to look out anything but itself. 

2.Advanced Level:

I. confess:承認;懺悔 

II. misgiving:疑慮;疑懼
    The task of writing a history of our nation from Rome’s earliest days fills me, I confess, with some misgivings. 

III. extravagant:誇張的,過分的;浪費的 

IV. look down one’s nose at:看不起,鄙視 

V. cultivate:培養;耕作 

VI. predecessor:先輩,先驅
    I am aware that for historians to make extravagant claims is, and always has been, all too common: every writer on history tends to look down his nose at his less cultivated predecessors. 
    VII. rival:對手;敵人 

VIII. splendor:光彩,壯觀 (形容詞:splendid) 

IX. recognition:承認,重視;公認
    I must comfort myself with the greatness and splendor of my rivals, whose work will rob my own of recognition. 

X. laborious:艱苦的,繁重的 

XI. immensely:無限的,廣大的,廣泛的 

XII. ramification:分支,分叉 

XIII. adequate:充足的,足夠的 

XIV. treatment:對待,處理;診治
    My task, moreover, is an immensely laborious one. I shall have to go back more than 700 years, and trace my story from its small beginnings up to these recent times when its ramifications are so vast that any adequate treatment is hardly possible. 

XV. antiquity:古董

XVI. rewarding:有益的,值得的 

XVII. be absorbed in:沉浸於……;投入到…… 

XVIII. torment:折磨;痛苦 

XIX. plague:折磨,使苦惱,帶來災禍 

XX. contemporary:當代的,現時代的 

XXI. conceal:掩蓋,掩飾
    I shall find antiquity a rewarding study, if only because, while I am absorbed in it, 1 shall be able to turn my eyes from the troubles which for so long have tormented the modern world, and to write without any of that over-anxious consideration which may well plague a writer on contemporary life, even if it does not lead him to conceal the truth. 
    The translators of the Chinese translation agency will be very glad to have communication on the key words translation with you.

chinese translation services

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