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chinese translation services

In addition to translation, does the Chinese translation agency offer other services, such as English Proofreading?

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A Chinese translation agency mainly offers the translation service. For example, the Chinese translation agency mainly translates English and Japanese texts. Other less common languages include German, French, Italian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. The content of the source text covers various fields. There are some difficult articles about medical care and aerospace technology, and there are some unique articles involving art films and religious documentation. Large scale translation companies can undertake a greater variety of cases for they employ more translators who are proficient in both the foreign language and the professional field. In addition, the source text might come in different forms, including documents, videos, audios, etc. Sometimes they need to offer service of interpretation. In fact, Chinese translation agencies also offer other types of service. Sometimes they proofread text for customers, mostly English texts. Some people may have a question in mind: why do people need such proofreading service? 

A Chinese translation agency may offer service to customers who have certain level of foreign language proficiency. They can translate the Chinese text into English, but they are not sure about the quality of the translation, so they would request proofreading service from the translation agency. General speaking, they need to provide both the Chinese text and the translation so that the translation could access whether the translation needs to be polished, or it needs to be revised and reorganized. When the translated text is acceptable, the translation agency would make minor changes to it. Also, the cost of proofreading service is not lower than the cost of translation, so this is an economical choice. However, if the translated text that the customer provides is unintelligible and unacceptable, then it is not reasonable to ask the translation agency to “revise” it while paying for the “proofreading” service. This is unfair for the translation agency and the translator. When the text is poorly translated, the translator would revise it, and such case should be considered as the “translation” rather than a “proofreading” case.

Translation agencies usually take translation cases, but sometimes they offer proofreading service, too. The service is suitable for customers who are proficient in foreign language but unsure about the accuracy of their own translation. They can provide the translated text and the source text to the agency to see whether it needs to be translated or proofread. This is a good way not only to save expenses but also to examine their own foreign language proficiency. Currently, most agencies offer English proofreading service. You can consult the Chinese translation agency about services of proofreading texts in other languages.

chinese translation services

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