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Information of Chinese Translation Agency – the best way to apply for Australia immigration

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Chinese translation agency offers information below.
The rapid development of IT technology and Internet did not bring great impact as some people had expected. Instead, it has brought opportunities. On one hand, translation software progressed at a rather slow pace, and it left much to be desired. On the other hand, the information overload has caused a greater demand for translation service.

As the need for international communication increases, the market for translation service in Taiwan has been expanding. The general output value of translation industry in Taiwan exceeded twenty billion dollars in 2006. Our country is still in need of more veteran professionals for translation and interpretation. In 2009, about fifty thousand translators were required; in the following years, more than one hundred such personnel will be needed. However, only about sixty thousand people take up this profession nationwide at present.

It’s generally perceived that translating is a decent and profitable job as the translator only needs to speak and be comfortably seated. On the contrary, a translator has to devote a lot of efforts before taking up this profession. A translator may have to endure the solitude. Persistence in doing research is also vital. An interpreter is expected to have advanced proficiency in the source language, the target language as well as an earnest attitude. Translating is considered a profitable job, but translation is never an easy task. Proper translation requires good command of the foreign language, so it is definitely a good choice to study in countries where the language is the mother tongue for its residents.

Australia is a multicultural country. Each year, many immigrants crowded into the country, so there is great demand for translation service. In the Melbourne area (Victoria), where more Chinese people settled down, there is also great demand for translation service. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is the largest as well as the oldest institute for training translators and interpreters in Australia. It has been recognized by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Among numerous translation training programs offered by universities in the state of Victoria, only the Advanced Diploma of Interpreting and Translation is certified by NAATI. An applicant of Skilled Visas for Immigration to Australia can get the Level three Certificate for translators of NAATI by passing 70 percent of the courses of RMIT programs for translation. According to the current immigration law, applicants as translation professionals demand 60 points for skilled employment and an extra 5 points for Chinese community language. So, it is suitable for linguistically competent applicants for Australian immigration visa.  

RMIT is the first academic institution in Australia that introduced the translation course program certificate (for both translation and interpretation). Recently, it launched a new master program which emphasizes both translation techniques and managerial skills. The new program put more focus on the fundamental translation skills and help student to explore broader knowledge fields. The master program expanded the content of translation courses. It also launched the course of project management to fulfill the needs of talents for translation of formal publication and simultaneous interpretation on large scale international conferences. The course displays to students the importance of translation in a series of projects. Students can be more involved in the project. Translation is not only a tool for transferring meaning between languages, it also manifests the students’ activeness. The master program also involves the skills in both translation and interpretation. It also corresponds to the requirement of NAATI, with which translators are expected to be qualified in aspects including morality, profession, translation of speech scripts, and coherence. Also, the course will ensure that students can be equipped with adequate translation skills to pass the NAATI certificate test.

There is another course regarding pedagogical instruction, which is very helpful for those who aim to take educational profession. The new master program not only offers students training for skills to complete work with high efficiency but also the savant-guard art in the field of translation.

The course is highly recognized in the business field. NAATI requires that institutions offering translation training courses should be recognized by the NAATI, and the courses should be taught by professionals who are really working in the industry. Therefore, the instructors are all members of NAATI and veteran practitioners in this field. RMIT is highly valued for its prestigious faculty and great experience in this field. These experts also have accumulated great amount of publications and material for teaching. The faculty passes down valuable experience in translation and interpretation, bridging the gap between theory and practice. RMIT also has a unique learning partner system in which upper-classmen would be responsible for helping freshmen to accommodate the new courses and campus.

With the NAATI certificate, graduates of the program can work as translators acknowledged by the Australian government in various business fields. The fact that NAATI shows recognition to the RMIT translation training course indicates that the course puts emphasis on both theoretical studies and practical experience.

Due to the good reputation established by the professionally competent RMIT graduates in the business field, many students get to be hired by prestigious enterprises and take on translation tasks of certain projects. Most students from the translation training program found suitable positions in various industries in Australia. Since Australia is a country which welcomes immigrants, translation has been a necessary service in many communities. Students who return to their home country could contribute to the society by teaching in the university or working in major corporations or hotels.
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chinese translation services

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