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Handling problems in Korean to Chinese document translation

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When doing translation works, it is inevitable to encounter some issues that are hard to handle, however, as they say, “There are always more solutions than there are problems.” So, fret not when you encounter any problem while doing Chinese document translation. Let’s check how translators deal with the issues they have encountered during Korean to Chinese book translations.

First scenario: Dealing with uncommon vocabulary and couldn’t find the corresponding word for the target language. Even the most experienced translator still encounters vocabulary that they are not familiar with from time to time; or can’t remember how it should be said in the target language all of a sudden. Furthermore, one can get mixed up about two things that might be extremely similar. When this happens, we can guess and find out what the vocabulary means by reading the clues from the context, but please do not directly use the assumed meaning in the translation before doing research and confirming the meaning first.

Second scenario: Sentence structure is too complex that it hinders the pace of translating. No matter how the sentence seems different, the sentence structure will always be in the same pattern as with the Korean language. So, firstly we can dissect the sentence and do the translation for each separate part, before putting them back together. After that, we can then proceed to reorganizing the sentence, and making it come together. This way, we won’t change anything in the original meaning, and ensure the fluency of the sentence at the same time

Third scenario: When the translation of Korean books requires a lot of professional knowledge. A book, whether it is about literature, technology, law, military, etc., these are all contents that requires more professional knowledge. It is not possible for translators to know everything about everything. However, it wouldn’t affect the translators’ abilities to translate either. Translators are encouraged to expose themselves to knowledge related to the subject, or refer to similar Chinese document translation before conducting the translation to reduce the chances of errors. There is always a solution to the problems encountered during translation. If you put in hard work, it would definitely reflect in the outcome.


chinese translation services

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