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Things to be careful of with a Chinese translation company when doing legal translations (2)

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The paragraph above has introduced the accuracy of legal translations of a Chinese translation company. The following is going to explain the value of a legal translations’ accuracy.

Legal documents are often used in business intercourse and trades to clarify the responsibilities and to protect the rights of contracting parties. Once legal documents are signed, a party’s rights, obligations, responsibilities and profits will be involved. In terms of the features of law, legal text is a rule-based type of writing which uses careful word choices. It is very different from general documents or letters. What an English translation company does is to translate legal documents to another language. Although the language has changed, the information and the essence that the original language message carries must remain. If the essential spirit of the document changes, it would lead to distortion of the original meanings. It may affect a reader’s understanding of the regulation; contents and meanings of the original document, causing problems on signing the documents. If two sides of the parties have different understanding of the documents because of mistranslations, they may encounter problems in their future cooperation. If legal disputes occur, it will, to some degree, affect translators as well. Even if translators do not have to take the responsibility, causing financial losses of the clients will still hurt the company’s reputation.

Thus, the value of law is to accurately deliver the contents of the original legal documents and help both sides to clarify their own rights and obligations. Then can they close the deal smoothly, achieving the purpose of having transactions. The final goal not only is to help both sides to understand the legal documents, but it is to help the deals to be completed. 

In order to accurately translate legal documents, companies have to communicate with the clients in advance. They need to understand clients’ needs and make sure translations meet clients’ thoughts. After the translations are done, they need to be checked by clients. Before clients check the translations, translators themselves have to check several times to reduce the possibility of making mistakes. Giving legal documents to the translation company means that the clients have trust in a Chinese translation company, so the company needs to finish the task as carefully as possible.


chinese translation services

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