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Chinese translation agency briefly describes the implementation of Japanese translation

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During the Heyday of Kaiyuan, Japan sent messengers to visit China and introduced the Heyday of Kaiyuan from Japan. The current Japanese characters were based on the Chinese characters used in the Heyday of Kaiyuan and were formed through many years of revision. Therefore, there are a large number of Chinese characters in Japanese, are by no means with identical to Chinese. The Chinese translation agency, you not need only a large number of Japanese specialized knowledge, but also Chinese literacy and the language characteristics of Japanese.

Most people like Japanese games, so when created japan games for Japanese language translation in Chinese translation agency to pay attention to the habit of using in narrative that must conform to the current online language. Nowadays, the latest slang on the Internet are derived from Japanese games. After Modify in Chinese, it had become an even more with the Chinese narrative are more easily accepted by young people. When Japanese language games are translated, you can use the Internet language as much as possible.

There is a special situation in Japanese translation: Japanese technology translation. There are many foreign words in Japanese, which will be take
directly in katakana. take for example
"byte" is directly called "バイト", there is no specific term in Chinese. Generally speaking, you should be used in English (even if the manuscript is to be translation).

If you are not professional or don't know much about such new terms, the quality of translation will have a great effect. Therefore, as a Chinese translation agency, you must have a special understanding of the original language of the foreign words in Japanese to ensure the correctness of the translation.


chinese translation services

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