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The Chinese Document Translation – Something about French

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When it comes to French, it has to mention the love and hate between France and England. And, if you go to the France now and need to communicate with them, it had better to speak French. If you can’t speak French, you had better speak some French first, then speak English because it will get their response easier. The fire between England and France was lit as early as the fourteen century. It’s the first hundred year’s war from 1337 to 1453 and lasted for 116 years. France won eventually. Although it’s the war between England and France, but it’s not in the case accurately. Earlier, France was always invaded by Viking for a long time. So, Richard III in France took helping to defend against other pirates as the condition to agree the Rollo, the leader in Viking, and his clansmen to live at the downstream of Seine. In addition, he named Rollo as ducs de Normandie. The descendants of conqueror, William, crossed the sea to attack the England and became the king in England. It caused the strange condition that the French ducs de Normandie was also the England King. Thereafter, the clansmen of Rollo and William are not only the ducs de Normandie and England king because of the marriage relationship. They even controlled the nearly half land in France but they were taken the opportunity to recapture France. Thus, in order to recapture the territory in France as the England king of France noble, England and France have opened up a century-long war. However, it could be said it’s the war for French and French from a certain standpoint. So, French has a little exclusion to England and they also protect their own culture and language. It caused the demand of Chinese document translation-French, either.

There are many boutique agents in Taiwan. They are imported from France, Italy and so on to Taiwan for sale. And France is famous for its boutique bags, perfumes and make-ups. So, after the commodities have successfully obtained the agency to sell in Taiwan, the Chinese document translation service is necessary in order to make the consumers in Taiwan understand and enjoy the product. Compared with English, there are fewer people who know French in Taiwan. So, it’s necessary to have a large scale translation company to be able to find a professional French translator to work together.

Except for the boutique bags, perfumes and make-ups, the wine is also from France. For example, when you marketing the wine, it will have the wine copy──of course it’s written by French──and need the product explanation case which is translated from French to Chinese. The French’s romance is showed in the language completely. So, when translating French to Chinese, the style needs the softness and romance correspondingly. It can keep the original characteristic of the product.

Although French is said to be the most romantic language in the world, it can’t be romantic all the time. In other cases, the copy requirement of French’s Chinese document translation is possibly different. No matter for the life or the academic certification, such as a copy of importing commodities, a graduation certification, a marriage certification and so on, the translation from French to Chinese are the cases the translators will undertake. Therefore, in addition to test the translators’ translation accuracy, it still needs to consider the category of translation case to decide the appropriate expression style.

chinese translation services

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