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Points to remember when translating an abstract in English Chinese translation services (written by the Taichung District office) (4)

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With the rise of the translation service market, many part-time workers are also joining in this business of translation services. However, when translating the abstract of a paper in English Chinese translation services, everyone needs to be more careful and cautious, because there are many limitations. The last article is about the verb tenses; now we are going to take a look at the voice.

In fact, there are two kinds of main grammar in English - the tense and the voice. What kinds of voice should we use when we write an English abstract in English Chinese translation services? Not only do we have to consider the characteristics of the abstract, but also meet the needs of expression. Normally, one abstract is very short, so avoid mixing different voices within one sentence. It does not conform to the norms of grammar, but also gives people a bad impression.


Active Voice: using the active voice for the predicate verbs in the abstract will make the words concise, and will also help the expressions to have more conviction. The active voice is our usual voice. Although it is nothing new, it is the most understandable voice. This is also the ultimate principle of translation.


Passive Voice: in doing the translation of a technical paper, we often use the passive voice, since the main goal of a technical paper is to explain the facts. It is not that important as for who caused the facts, and we can say that we don’t need to prove

them one by one. However, if you want to emphasize and highlight the objectives, then we recommend using a passive voice. If the passive personal objective is not so important as things, we also have to take the things or objects that we want to emphasize as the subject. In fact, the biggest difference between the passive voice and the active voice is that the emphasized objects are different. In general, the content that we want to emphasize must be placed in front of the sentence.


 In addition, regarding the writing of an English abstract in English Chinese translation services, we should also pay attention to the pronouns used. During the early periods, we often use the third person in the first sentence of the abstract to start, but now we intend to adopt the simple passive voice or the original form of verbs as the starting point. Generally, there are also the following points for attention: about the use of articles, the definite article “the” is easily omitted. “The” is used to represent the entire group, classification, time, name of place, unique things, the highest level of adjectives and so on. It is easier to control how to use “ the” in the above situation, however, “ the “ will be often omitted when using it as a specific article. The principle is that we use “the” when the listener or reader knows already what we are referring to. Otherwise, do not use Arabic numerals as the first word in front of a noun if necessary since the singular or plural form of some nouns is not easy to distinguish, and then it is easy to cause errors in the form of predicative.   Finally, try to use short sentences, since long sentences are easy to cause unclear meanings about the words. At the same time, try to avoid monotony and repetition.

chinese translation services

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