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Points to remember when translating an abstract in English Chinese translation services (written by the Taichung District office) (5)

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Regarding the translation of the abstract of a paper, not only should we pay attention to general translation problems, but also consider the prerequisites of translating an academic paper in English Chinese translation services which is from its academic characteristics. The following issues are the main points that the translation agencies should pay attention to:

1.The integrity of the English abstract. So far, when many authors edit the abstract of their papers, they need to translate Chinese abstracts into English. This kind of approach will lead to one problem: since the paper is written in Chinese, if the Chinese readers don’t understand the abstract after reading the Chinese abstract, they can still get comprehensive and detailed information from the full context. Generally speaking however, the English readers don’t understand Chinese, so English abstracts become the only information source. Therefore, what we want to specifically mention and to emphasize here is the “integrity of the English abstract”, and that is, the information offered through the English abstract must be complete and detailed so that we can make sure that the exact message can still be relayed clearly regardless of the kinds of readers. Let the readers be able to understand the main purpose of a paper, the main solutions, the processes and the results to solve the problems, and the innovation of an article through the English abstract. Also, make the readers have a more complete and detailed understanding towards the uniqueness of this paper. 


2. It is an important characteristic of a scientific research to emphasize the quantitative analysis, and that this feature should be reflected in the translation of an abstract of a paper in English Chinese translation services. When translating English abstracts, try to avoid general arguments and conclusions which are lacking details or devoid of content. Try to use the specific language in the article to explain the method, the process, the results and the conclusions, so that not only can you give the readers a clear idea, but also make your arguments valid and have the evidence to prove it. It allows the readers to have a clear and overall comprehensive understanding about the article.


 The abstract of a paper is the essence of a thesis, and it is the spirit that can reflect the central idea and deliver the content. So in order to catch everyone’s attention, we also need to put the energy of translation on it. Many people choose to read the abstract of an article when reading documents, so that they can have an idea more or less what the article or thesis is about. Moreover, many people will confirm whether they want to read an article according to the abstract of the paper. Therefore, a good abstract translation service can attract many people to read a paper, and it is also an important reason why the clients want to hand over their papers to translation agencies.

The English Chinese translation services for the abstract of a paper should have series of adjustment according to the type of the articles, and the translators should do the translation services in accordance with different styles of each article.

chinese translation services

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