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Different English-Chinese Translation Service Across Taiwan ~ Q&A of Taichung Branch Office

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Having been learning English for many years, translators often find themselves faced with some challenges during English-Chinese translation service. Translators of the Taichung Branch Office are here to share with you a few of which:


Situation 1: Having understood the English article, but not knowing how to translate which into Chinese

When faced with the situation, one must strengthen his or her understanding of Chinese vocabularies and make flexible usage of which. There are thousands and millions of Chinese vocabularies, some of these vocabularies might be somewhat similar to another. It is often confusing to decide which vocabulary to use during translations. If you want to become better in translation, it is vital for you to learn and master the use of Chinese vocabularies.


Situation 2: Not being able to fully understand the messages to be delivered by the author in English
Let’s take Andersen’s fables as an example. Despite being just a collection of fables, Andersen wrote his stories under the context of the social background of his times. Each fable had their own symbolic meaning that reflects the general situation of the society Andersen lived in. They are stories for children and adults. In the western society, many novels were written under the context of the society of their times. If translators are unfamiliar with foreign history, the English-Chinese translation service of such articles would be lacking. For details, please read 10 important rules for English-Chinese translation service.


Situation 3: Cultural factors. Even languages have their own cultures.

In Chinese, many idioms reflect upon their own local cultures. One can only correctly translate such idioms if they are familiar with such folk cultures; similar idioms also exist in English, such as: A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone.

\A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both.


Situation 4: Finding it hard to translate professional articles
For articles such as those about technologies, the content of which can change whenever new information and updates appear. For translation of which, one must widen one’s horizon and learn more about emerging topics. New vocabularies also appear constantly in the English language, just like the emergence of new things in the modern society. To become a good English-Chinese translator, one must not cease to learn.

chinese translation services

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