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Chinese document translation on cotton harvesting

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Not everyone may be familiar with cotton harvesting; it is a unique agricultural activity in the eastern region. The process involves removing mature cotton fibers from cotton stalks.  Given its different growth stages, harvested cotton also varies. Some cotton fibers are big while others are not in full bloom (i.e. cotton flower) and wither, with a naturally different grade from that of big cotton.

Chinese document translation, is like cotton harvesting. A translator may encounter good as well as simple sentences, and these should be handled differently. When translating Chinese articles into English, good sentences should be modified and expressed in several sentences. With English articles, translating them into Chinese should highlight good sentences to make the text more meaningful.

Simple sentences in English articles should not be the focus of an article. The same holds true for Chinese articles. Simple English sentences need not have lengthy Chinese document translation.  Conveying meaning is enough; such translation method helps emphasize the main point of an article. This is also the biggest difference between translating English articles and translating English sentences into Chinese. Unlike translating English articles, translating sentences need not emphasize a main idea. The focus and essence of an article are expressed effectively in sentences.

chinese translation services

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