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Certified Chinese Translation of the term “notarization

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Chinese translation of the term “notarization”
1. notarization  
 The term probably refers to
2. beglaubigen  
beginnen* begin...beglaubigen A certify..begleiten A accompany and escort
3. notarize
notarization 公證...notarize 公證...notary public 公證人 
4. attestation  
at a given date 
在某一特定時日...attestation 鑒證,公證...attestation service 鑒證服務

Shuobuo Translation Company: Fees and service procedures for certified Chinese translation, Japanese translation, notarized translation and academic translation

Shuobuo has provided translation services for more than 5000 clients from over 20 universities, such as National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University and National Taiwan Normal University including their respective graduate schools. We have extensive translation and editing experience, having worked on more or less 22,000 academic papers, as well as Chinese and Japanese translations. Our translation company boasts an excellent team of native English-speaking editors and assistant professors from the United States. We guarantee high efficiency (translation request is completed in 3-4 days by full-time editors without charging rush fees) and offer a reasonable price for excellent academic and notarized translation services. Given our reputation, we have a growing client base and comply with international service standards (ISO 9001 Quality Management System).

Service Procedures
To avoid unnecessary cost, we suggest that you provide us a final draft instead of an incomplete or unfinished document. Before placing an order, please review your academic paper thoroughly and make all the necessary changes. Do not send us the document until you confirm that modifications will no longer be made. This would enable us to focus on linguistic expressions and provide you with the best service. Academic translations from Chinese to English are handled by different reviewers in our quality control team to ensure accuracy. Clients are consulted to get their feedback on the translation, which is taken into account during the second round of review. The second review is free only if no new content is added to the original text. By maintaining communication with clients, we can guarantee optimal results in translation quality.

Native-speaking editors are in charge of refining Chinese and Japanese translations. After the translated documents have been edited and modified, you may go through them and indicate comments or notes in Chinese in a timely manner for us to conduct further review. If you have no questions, do not make any changes to the academic translation in order to avoid additional errors. Please submit the final version edited by the native speaker for academic journal review, and in case of any translation-related issues, we can help you with the revisions for free. However, if you make changes to the final version of the document, your service request is considered as a new order.

Please calculate how much you need to pay for our translation service.

The pricing for the revision of Chinese documents is the same as the standard translation from Chinese to English. However, Chinese to English translation is based on the number of Chinese words, but English to
certified Chinese translation is calculated based on the number of characters. For example, when the number of characters is 1.5 times that of Chinese words, the standard translation from Chinese to English is approximately 1.5 times that of Chinese document revision.

Translation service fee (Chinese to English)

If you are proficient in Chinese, choose the standard Chinese to English translation (excluding native-English editing service). We have a professional linguist who can provide an accurate translation of your document. After a translation is completed, you may revise the translated text and communicate with the linguist to ensure quality and to meet journal publication standards. This service does not include native-English editing service. However, if you are not confident about your Chinese ability or you require high quality translation, please choose our premium translation service (inclusive of native-English editing service). After completing the standard translation procedures, the translation is assigned to a native-English editor whose field of expertise is related to the academic paper to be checked. The premium translation service fee (including native English editing service) is NTD$1500 per one thousand words.  

Word count method

1In Chinese document revision, the number of Chinese words are counted by: opening the Word document — paragraphs that need to be counted— selecting “word count” in “tools” tab— refer to the number of words

2In Chinese to English translation, Chinese characters are counted by: opening the Word document — paragraphs that need to be counted — selecting “word count” in “tools” tab — refer to the number of Chinese characters (no spaces) (note: for Chinese characters and Korean words). This word count method is commonly accepted by the translation industry. In the translation process, punctuation is considered a part of the written document. Therefore, prior to submitting the document, delete any Chinese character that you believe is unnecessary; such deletion does not affect comprehension of document.

2. Submission of documents

If you agree with the fee:

1You may place your order through the order system on our website.

2You may send us your order by e-mail.

3. Editing/Revision/Translation 

For Step 2, when you provide your complete information, your document is processed immediately. The revised or translated document is sent to you in 3 or 4 days. Please check your email inbox. However, Chinese to English translation takes longer to complete to guarantee quality control. 

4. After-Sales Service and Payment 

After receiving the translated document, review it and indicate comments in Chinese on the original text, and send to us by e-mail. An editor(s) would be assigned to conduct further review on the document.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Shuobuo Translation Company and its services (Please read them carefully to avoid asking similar questions by e-mail or phone.):

1. Are your editors proficient in Chinese?

Yes, absolutely. Language proficiency is a minimum requirement for translation to ensure quality. We do not hire local students or those studying overseas to handle the job. Our editors are native English speakers who work full time as Chinese or Japanese translators.

2. Do your editors have professional qualifications?

Our editorial team covers various academic disciplines. However, given the broad spectrum of areas, we cannot guarantee editors who have exactly the same field of expertise as all of our clients. We assign documents to editors who have similar professional background and capabilities. These editors have the necessary skills to understand the document, check the grammar, wording and structure of sentences as well as revise Chinese grammatical writing errors. Any translation service provider or agent that claims to have editors with the same professional background as the clients may not be telling the truth.

3. Can you help modify the content of my academic paper?
The content of an academic paper depends on your knowledge. Therefore, you decide on the content of your research. We are only responsible for refining written expression.

4.No matter how poor my Chinese writing skill is, can you help edit and improve my document?

We do not rewrite paragraphs to the extent of altering the meaning that the author wants to express. Rewriting to a large extent is actually more difficult than handling Chinese or Japanese translations. It is advisable for you to have sufficient Chinese language proficiency. A poorly written Chinese document limits the degree of revision. Hence, it would most likely be rejected even if it were edited. To avoid any unnecessary cost, we recommend our Chinese to English translation service and advise you to take your Chinese level into count when choosing the type of translation service you wish to avail.

5. Can you guarantee that my paper would be approved for publication?
The possibility of your paper getting published depends on the manuscript’s academic value. We are only responsible for the Chinese written expression and are committed to help you present your ideas to an international audience, moving beyond language barriers. We can guarantee that the translated version of your academic paper would not be rejected due to language issues.

6. After I pay the translation fee, are you still responsible for language issues raised during journal review?

For Chinese academic papers, it is common to receive comments from some reviewers regarding the necessity to improve Chinese written expression, but not the academic content. In this case, we will edit and revise the paper for free provided that you did not make any major changes to the final paper that we delivered to you. If modifications were made, please mark them and note that there is a corresponding charge based on the number of words that were changed.

7. Confidentiality of Academic Translation

A comprehensive confidentiality agreement is signed between the company and individual editor. Plagiarism never occurs. When you send your paper to us by e-mail, it means that you have signed the confidentiality agreement with us. All correspondence through office email address has legal effect.

We are different from other companies that hire part-time editors, non-native speaking editors and local students. Our editors are full-time editors from native-English speaking countries, and many of them are SCI academic journal editors. They have successfully edited and modified tens of thousands of manuscripts in various academic disciplines as well as Chinese academic papers. They are experienced in improving English written expression and revising/editing Chinese papers. Our editorial team thoroughly reviews documents to ensure that they are qualified for SCI academic journals and worthy of publication.

Shuobuo complies with strict international standards (ISO 9001 Quality Management System). Its pricing varies depending on the level of difficulty, length and deadline of the document. Highly technical academic papers that have been edited by us are most likely to be published by internationally recognized journals.

We guarantee that your paper will not be declined due to language issues. Our services may not be the lowest among competitors, but we provide the best service quality and we hire full-time editors who can offer you affordable and excellent services.

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