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Understanding more the process of academic English writing(English Chinese translation services agency provide)

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A lot of people know that when translating from Chinese to English, we can use some translation software to accomplish the translation purposes. However, a lot of people don’t know the operating procedures of translation agencies about English Chinese translation services especially when it comes to academic English writing. Translation is not a simple process. And that’s what manual or human translation is all about.   


 The content related to academic papers is more abstruse. Before providing English Chinese translation services , it is necessary to let the professionals read through them in order to understand the major points of the paper. Professionals here refer to not only those who have an English license, but also a diploma related to the discipline in the field of interpretation. Academic English writing for publication does not only involve an interpretation of the content, but also recomposing and editing the content which requires mulling it over and digesting. On the basis of understanding a Chinese content, a translator expresses the meaning of the original author in English and also initially translates this article into English. Therefore, each and every translator in our team has passed a strict selection process. They can accurately express the original meaning in English and are also updated with the times so they can supplement it with the latest knowledge about their professional field in order to ensure that every article can be translated appropriately.

 The procedure of academic English writing: After being initially translated by a professional translator, the translated articles would go through a reviewer. They take the responsibility of proofreading the translated articles in order to make sure that there isn’t any translation error about a noun or any sentence which is not fluent enough, and to ensure that there isn’t any situation such as when translators weren’t able to express the meaning of the original articles properly and so on. The reviewers would constantly communicate with the translators to make sure that they thoroughly understand the intention of the authors, and they would also review manuscripts based on this. However, the content is translated and recomposed, so the original meaning of the authors might be affected. Therefore, after accomplishing the translation, it is still necessary to confirm with the customers if the central idea was expressed properly.


 After that, the reviewers who are native speakers continue polishing the translated English sentences in order to make the translated manuscripts smooth sounding for English readers. The instructors, who are native speakers, would do the modification of the sentences within the manuscript, and they would delete some of the words or re-adjust the sentence structures in order to make the article clearer and more concise. Surely, these teachers who are native speakers are also professional enough to polish the translation: they are translators in the field related to the content of your manuscript, and they can modify the translation based on the translated manuscript, add some common terms used by foreigners, modify the sentences and make the pauses, the clauses or the long sentences more professional.  

 In the end, the translators and the reviewers would review the completed manuscript with the teachers who are native speakers to ensure that the original meaning is accurately expressed, the terminology is professionally standardized, and the article structure is concise.   

 Every academic English writing document is finalized after the united efforts of our professional English Chinese translation services. Every translation is the result of all our sweat and hard work. We try our best to provide the perfect translation results and hope to offer you the most helpful service.

chinese translation services

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