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What makes a good Chinese medical translation company? Part II

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3.    Transparency: If a company maintains transparency in its business operations, then it strictly complies with regulations. It has a method of providing quotation and disclosing information to show the company's management system. Publication process may also be included in its website, etc.  A good Chinese translation company should focus on a specific field, rather than cover a wide range of fields without in-depth knowledge. Transparency is also essential in the signing of contracts. Some people may not consider it important, but it actually protects intellectual property rights. Having/signing a contract effectively protects consumers‘ rights and responsibilities. A company should communicate with customers, providing them timely feedback on translation progress.
4.    Charges: Pricing is a highly sensitive factor that customers consider when getting the best value for their money. Some Chinese translation service providers that work with foreign companies ask higher prices because they require more expensive resources, yet provide better quality. A Chinese translation company sets a reasonable price for different types of articles. Articles that require professional knowledge are priced higher, but should be within an acceptable range to the customer.
5.    After-sales service: A project is not considered complete when a company submits the translated article to the customer. In fact, the competitive advantage of a Chinese translation company lies in the after-sales service. If a company provides quality service, then it can build long-term customer relationship and get recommendations that would help gain more customers.

chinese translation services

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