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Chinese translation agency legal translation requirements

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 Legal translation is one of the more difficult fields of specialization handled by Chinese translation agencies. The job requires a professionally trained and educated translator in the legal sector. What are the specific requirements for legal translation?
    A. Accuracy. This is a major requirement in legal translation. Compared to other fields of professional translation, the degree of accuracy is higher and mandatory in legal translation. It is a basic requirement for all Chinese translation agencies. The golden rule is to ensure correctness of content in order to make translation valuable and meaningful. A legal material may seem tedious or formal, but accuracy can never be compromised and should be enhanced.  Literal or word-for-word translation has no place in the legal industry.  A legal article is translated in its entirety, rather than in parts (per word or sentence).
    B. Impartiality. This is a fundamental requirement in the legal profession. It is considered the spirit of the law. Legal translation is also part of the industry; therefore, impartiality is a basic principle that Chinese translation agencies must uphold. How can legal translation maintain impartiality? Besides focusing on the original material, translators should not make any modifications to maintain impartiality. In addition, translation should be consistent when dealing with the same sentence or expression. Ignoring or expressing bias in translation is not acceptable.

chinese translation services

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