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Kaohsiung Chinese translation agency: Exploring ways to translate articles

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According to a translator from Kaohsiung Chinese translation agency, translation is like testing one’s language abilities, which can also help improve translation level. Just like all learning methods, mastering the three translation principles; namely, "speed, comprehension, accuracy" can increase productivity.


Speed refers to fast reading speed. Time should not be wasted trying to understand unimportant sentences. When translating articles, we need to correctly grasp the content of the article and the meanings of sentences. However, if our speed is not fast enough, the translation work slows down. Clients seek assistance from translation agencies so that articles can be translated correctly and fast. Translation can be context-based unless specific words or sentences have an effect on the understanding of the entire text. When necessary, the dictionary and other tools should be used.


Comprehension is the ability to grasp the essence of the text. For example, when translating from Chinese to English, there is a tendency to construct lengthy and complex English sentences. Literal translation results in awkward sentences, making it hard for people to understand. English translation should be concise and cohesive like the original text to help readers understand the entire article better.


Accuracy refers to the correctness of sentences. The difficulty of translation is not just in translating the meanings of words, but also in conveying the meanings of sentences accurately. These two approaches have different levels of difficulty. When explaining the meanings of words, we can write them down directly. However, there may be multiple expressions in sentences, and choosing the most appropriate words is crucial. In addition, it is important to ensure that translated sentences comply with rules of grammar and languages.


Translators from Kaohsiung Chinese translation agency shared the above translation methods. We hope that the information can help you understand the translation industry.

chinese translation services

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