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Through Examples: Chinese Translation Company Proficiency in Phrasing

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    Phrasing:  Sometimes, there is no clear relationship between the subject/main sentence patterns and modifiers in a long English sentence. The Chinese translation company normally divide long sentences or add sentences to effectively convey the original meaning.

    Example 1: The number of young people in the United States who can’t read is incredibly about one in
four people. It seems that the sentence is quite simple and easy to understand, but if literal or word-for-word translation is used, the sentence would probably be translated as: 沒有什麼閱讀能力的美國青少年的數目令人難以相信約為1/4. We can see that the translated text is incoherent.  

    It fails to convey the true meaning of the original sentence. 
    The translation of the sentence should be: 大約有1/4的美國青少年沒有什麼閱讀能力,這簡直令人難以置信.

    Example 2: It is often said that television keeps people informed about current events. It provides the latest news on science and politics, and offers an endless series of programs which are both educational and entertaining. 
Analysis: There is the phrase “it is often said”, three opposite predicates and an attributive clause in the whole sentence. The three opposite predicates belong to the same sentence pattern in terms of structure, but they have different meanings. Hence, the phrasing translation method can be used to divide the paragraph into several independent sentences based on traditional Chinese translation.
The translated sentence is as follows: 人們常說, 透過電視可以瞭解時事, 掌握科技和政治的最新動態。從電視還可以看到層出不窮的端倪、既有文教意義且有娛樂性的新節目。

    Example 3: All they have to do is to press the button so they can watch different plays, films, operas and shows as well as political discussions and the latest football match. 

    Example 4: Although perhaps only 1% of life has started somewhere and would develop into a highly
complex and intelligent pattern, there are many planets where intelligent life forms a natural
part of the universe.某處雖然在已經開始的生命中可能僅有百分之一機會發展成高度複雜、有智慧的型式, 但是行星的數目如此繁多,以致於有智慧的生命必定是宇宙的一個天然組成部分。  

    By understanding the certain phrasing which Chinese translation company often use. We hope you could know the practical translation technique of English to Chinese translation

chinese translation services

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