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Characteristics and Requirements of Chinese Document Translation

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    Chinese document translation requires a high quality of comprehension. Qualified Chinese document translator must have a solid command of a foreign language and a rich professional knowledge. With the rapid development of societies and advances in science and technology, we have seen relationships grow in terms of political, economic, cultural and other aspects.  Communication and cultural exchange between countries and people have become widespread due to mutual cooperation as well as political and economic influences of members in the "global village". Language as a medium of communication needs to develop. Translation and translation are a means of information exchange and cross-national exchange of languages and cultures.  The job of translators in interpreting one language to another is very important.   Therefore, translation is not only a form of language exchange or skill application, but also the translators and translators’ deep comprehension of cultures and languages. There are on-site translation and written language translation. Although they are quite similar, they have different characteristics in terms of work environment and requirements. Shuobo Translation Services aims to discuss the characteristics and requirements involved in translation to determine the limitations and nature of this type of work. 

    A. Timeliness: The most prominent feature of Chinese document translation is immediate or on-the-spot efficiency. Due to time constraints and limited occasions, translators do not have enough time to consider expressions or terminologies when communicating. They have to understand two languages and convey information that their minds instantly absorb in a given time.  This requires translators to react quickly, remember things instantly and be proficient in communicating in two languages within a short period of time. 

    B. The nature and characteristics of the job determine the accuracy, speed, quality and coherence of the translation. For general translation, the translator should clearly and promptly express the ideas and information of both parties without sounding obscure or awkward. Translation has specific rules for it to be carried out successfully.

    Successful translation does not only promote good communication and information exchange, but also creates balance and harmony between two parties. During a conversation, both parties should appear to have direct communication or dialogue without unnecessary distraction from the translator.  With the help of the translator, the parties can freely and amicably exchange ideas or express themselves clearly when resolving disputes.

    Translators should possess the following basic qualities:
A. Good language and verbal skills
B. Strong logical thinking and good memory
C. Fast response and adaptability
D. Wide knowledge

    In summary, an translator should master the characteristics and rules of Chinese document translation.  S/he must have a strong foundation to be able to interpret well.  S/he must adapt to different techniques as well as increase language and cultural knowledge in order to deliver and interpret information promptly and effectively.

chinese translation services

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