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Ten Skills of the Chinese Translation Company

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    Ten skills of the Chinese translation company:

(A) Reversed translation method of synonymous meaning
1. Only three customers remained in the bar. 酒吧間只有三個顧客還沒有走。(The meaning of “remained” is not translated as “還留著”或“還呆在那裡”)
2. I’ll be here for good this time. 這一次我再也不走了。(“Be here” is not translated as“永遠在此呆下去”)
3. Please keep the fire burning when I’m out. 我不在家的時候,別讓爐子滅了。(Not“我外出時,請讓爐子繼續燒著”)
4. "Wait, he is serious." 等等,他不是說著玩兒的。(“Serious” is not translated as“認真的”)
5. "Now, Clara, be firm with the boy!" 聽我說,克拉拉,對這孩子可不能心軟。( “Firm ” is not translated as“堅定") 

(B) Deletion of the explanation word
The traveler in the south must often have remarked that peculiar air of refinement, that softness of voice and manner, which seems in many cases to be a particular gift to the quotation and mulatto women. 到南方去的人看見那些黑白混血的女郎,一定會注意到她們十之八九都有那種獨特的優雅風度、那種溫柔的聲音和文靜的舉止。

(C) Division in short phrase translation
" ...on one sunshiny morning in June , ..." 在六月裡的一天早上,天氣晴朗.....。

(D) Innovation of translation
When he might well have acted with boldness, he found himself filled with doubts, scruples and equivocations, in addition to the ordinary fears of a lower.
The original version:當他可以大膽行動的時候,他發現自己除了一個情人所具有的那種普通的害怕之外,心裡還充滿懷疑、顧慮和躊躇。
The adapted version:等到他不妨放膽去追求的時候,他卻遲疑不定,顧慮重重。至於一般墮入情網的人那種常有的提心吊膽的心理,那就更是難免的了。

(E) Explanation words added
"George, I’m ashamed of you! George, I couldn’t have believed you would have done it! I always knew you to be a rolling stone that gathered no moss; but I never thought you would have taken away what little moss there was for Bagnet and the children to lie upon," said Mrs. Bagnet. ”喬治,我真替你害臊﹗喬治,想不到你會幹出這種事情來﹗俗話說得好:滾著的碌碡不長苔,流浪的漢子不攢財。我早知道你就是這麼一個流浪漢﹗可真沒有想到你連貝格納特和孩子們靠它過活的那一點點財也騙走“,貝格納特太太說道。

(F) Free translation of words
It is quite useless to ask whether Vanderbilt was criminally prosecuted or civilly sued by the Government. Not only was he unmolested, but two years later, he carried on another huge swindle upon the Government under peculiarly heinous conditions. 我們根本不必追問政府是否根據刑法或民法對範德比爾特提出起訴。範德比爾特不僅逍遙法外,而且在兩年後又以極其兇狠的手段對政府進行過一次巨大的詐騙。

(G) Refined translation of words
A new dignity crept into his walk.
The original version:走路的姿態不知甚麼時候開始給人一種莊重的印象。
The adapted version:走起路來,不覺平添了幾分尊嚴。

(H) Omissions of  "When"
1. When he saw me, he was startled. 他看見我,嚇了一大跳,(Not當他看見我的時候.....。)
2. "When your gals takes on and cry, what’s the use of cracking on them over the head, and knocking on them round?" ”你那些女黑奴哭得那麼傷心,你還拿鞭子沒頭沒腦的抽,把她們打得死去活來,那有什麼用呢?“(Not當你那些女黑奴哭得那麼傷心的時候,你還拿鞭子.....。) 

(I) Different translation of interjection
1. "O, don’t mother! I should like the flowers; do give them to me; I want them!" Why, Eva, your room is full now." ”媽媽,別這樣﹗我喜歡這些花,把花給我吧,我要﹗ “得了吧,伊娃,你屋裡的花都滿了。”
2. "Well, that’s odd!" said Marie. "What in the world do you want that for?" “喲,真是怪事﹗”瑪利說,“你幹嘛非要這個不可?”

(J) Sequential division of translation
His delegation agreed with the Executive Director/ that the fund should continue working/ for a better understanding of the interrelationship between economic, social and demographic factors. The original version:他的代表團同意執行主任關於該基金會應繼續為更好地瞭解經濟、社會和人口的相互關係而努力的意見。
The adapted version:他的代表團同意執行主任的意見,認為該基金會應繼續努力, 以求更好地瞭解經濟、社會和人口這三方面的相互關係。

    Chinese translation company with these ten skill will multiply the translation efficiency and effectiveness.

chinese translation services

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