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Certified Chinese Translation Appreciation: Business Related Vocabularies

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    Just like the last time saying: our certified Chinese translation service, we are specialized in so many fields-medical magazines, legal documents, business contracts etc. Today, we continue to share business related translations as follow:

I.investment: 投資. This word should be converted into a verb meaning “to invest in America”.


III.branch office辦事處 

IV.tax treatment稅收待遇
In general, investment in the Unite States will be in the form of a subsidiary. It is possible for a non-U.S. corporation to operate a branch office in the United States, but there are significant disadvantages to a branch, particularly with respect to its tax treatment.

V.be subject to:從屬於、受……的支配或管理 


VII.doing business:做生意、經營 

VIII.impose on:把……施加於
Branches of non-U.S. corporations are not subject to federal regulation or registration requirements. However, each state will require a “foreign” corporation to “qualify” before “doing business”in that state. A corporation will be considered “foreign” if it is organized under the laws of another country or another state, and so this is not a requirement imposed only on. 

IX.substantial presence:實際存在,實質性存在的 

X.real property:不動產 

XI.a stock of:量詞,修飾goods 表現存貨品 

“Doing business” is a technical term that implies a substantial presence in the state. This would include the ownership or leasing of real property, the maintenance of a stock of goods for local sale, employees and the like. Selling products to local customers, either directly or through an independent sales representative or distributor, would no Interpretation:

XIII.exercise control over sth. :對……予以控制
The states actually exercise little control over the qualification process other than to ensure that the qualifying entity’s name is not confusingly similar to an already registered entity and that all registration fees and taxes are paid (qualification is basically a form of taxation). 

During the international commercial communication, it is essential to under the special meaning of the business related words and phrases. The certified Chinese translation service suggested put more efforts on the daily study of special purpose English.

chinese translation services

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