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Frequent Vocabularies in Chinese Translation Service Daily Work

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Translators of Chinese translation service recently picked up some frequent vocabularies in daily work and willing to share with others.


II.corporate downsizing:公司裁員。corporate經常用於表示“與企業相關的”,比如corporate culture,企業文化。
    The recent news that Bear Stearns was nullifying a few hundred job offers to business school students fits a pattern of corporate downsizing that isn’t lost on college campuses across the USA. 

III.entry-level:入門級的,an entry-level job refers to an inferior job(低級別工作).
    But even with the darkening economic clouds, rays of good news await this year’s graduates. Sure, companies are laying off workers, but many are also looking for new talent, especially at the entry level. 

IV.entrant:新加入者. This word can be interpreted into 職場新人.

V.go a long way:大有幫助。
    As more than a million entrants flood the job market, students should know that in a global marketplace, language skills will go a long way.  

VI. “Grad” are the four letters of “graduate “ with the meaning of畢業生.

    If a grad is ready to accept an entry-level job, give a little on job requirements and move if the company asks, chances are he’ll land a job.  

The up mentioned is just according to the recently trends of college graduates finding a job. The staff of Chinese translation service hope that will be help to some of the students.

chinese translation services

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