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The Most Used Key Vocabularies by Chinese Translation Company

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Chinese translation company often use the interpretation of intermediate level:

I.CV是curriculum vitae的縮寫,簡歷、履歷的意思。 


III.be swayed by左右搖擺不定
    Imagine you have two candidates for a job. Their CVs are equally good, and they both give good interview. You cannot help noticing, though, that one is pug-ugly and the other is handsome. Are you swayed by their appearance?

IV.equate 等同於 equate A with B意思是將A等同於B。 

V.vice 罪惡、邪惡
    In the past, people often equated beauty with virtue and ugliness with vice.

VI. sin indicates to a religious or moral sin or offence. The original sin means原罪 and “as ugly as sin” is translated into “如罪過般醜陋”. As for the “as …as… structure”, the parts after the second “as” should be given priority in translation.

VII. Pass means “disappearance”; pass from the language refers to disappearance from languages.

VIII. beholder觀看者、旁觀者;在“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”這句話中意思是指情人,此句短語譯為情人眼裏出西施。 

    Even now, the expression “as ugly as sin” has not quite passed from the language. There is, of course, the equally famous expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, to counter it. 

X.a rule of thumb refers to 拇指去量東西的長短, thus being translated in”憑經驗而來的法則”.
    Biology also suggests that beauty may, indeed, be a good rule of thumb for assessing someone of either sex.  


XII.in-depth investigation深層調查。
    Not an infallible one, and certainly no substitute for an in-depth investigation.  


XIV.be bound to一定 

XV.endow 賦予;認為…天生具有. This word is commonly used in a passive voice: be endowed with;
the phrase “physically well endowed” can be translated into 天生容貌俊秀.
    But, nevertheless, an instinctive one, and one that is bound to contribute to the advantage of the physically well endowed. 

So much for today’s Chinese translation company's sharing.

chinese translation services

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