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Certified Chinese Translation Appreciation: Business Journal

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    For our certified Chinese translation service, we are specialized in so many fields-medical magazines, legal documents, business contracts etc. Today, we are sharing our business journal translations as follow:

    Personalization? No Thanks. 
    Lots of companies are buying sophisticated software to make personalized
    Pitches to website customers. Problem is, customers don’t seem to care.
    需要個性化服務嗎? 不,謝謝

    E-commerce companies face a constant question: how much should they personalize their sites? We conducted a study of more than 300 on-line consumers and found out what some of them might not have realized themselves. Rather than have some state-of the- art technology figure out their interests and surprise and delight them with products and services they would undoubtedly love, most consumers would prefer to just customize Web site interactions for themselves. 

    To explain, it helps first to distinguish   between customization and personalization. Customization lets a site visitor  specify his or her own preferences. A good example is the MyYahtx feature at Yahoti.com. Users can instruct the site to automatically display the weather forecast  for their town, track their favorite   stocks, or give prominence on the home page to local sports news. 

    By contrast, personalization doesn’t  ,rely on explicit user instructions. It uses artificial intelligence to find patterns in customers’choices or demo graphics and to extrapolate from them.Probably the best-known example is Amazon.com’s personalized book and music recommendations.The great assumption about personalization has been that it would be forethought .

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chinese translation services

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