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How to Choose a Good Chinese Translation Company

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    First, customers should pay attention to the company’s reputation. Morality is to humans while operations honesty is to companies. Honesty is the basis of everything, therefore, a truly good Chinese translation company will regard the company’s reputation and public praise as the most important thing and emphasizes on it even when the brand is already established.  It not only means credibility but also excellent quality and standard service. On the contrary, companies without a good reputation may bring endless troubles and terrible loss for customers. Therefore, when it is difficult to determine the translation service provider’s quality under the cover of false advertising and marketing package, choosing a large-scale translation service provider which has been in operations for a long time is sometimes better for the customer's interests. 

    Second, customers should pay more attention to translation quality. Since translation is a highly specialized language re-creation work, it is difficult to deliver a good version without excellent language abilities and strict quality control. Besides, it’s difficult to confirm the quality of the final version until the whole translation process is finished. Therefore, customers can choose the Chinese translation company based on the following three aspects: professional translator’s qualification, the company’s management system and operating processes, and test translation. 

    Customers without sufficient knowledge of the translation industry may commit some errors. First, they may think that anyone who speaks the language and has certifications can work as a translator. In fact, practical experience is very important for translation. People without enough experience cannot be qualified to do this job completely. That is why we can find some translators with language certifications but without knowledge of professional translation who often become the laughing stock. Some even cheat unethically, seriously damaging the image of the translation industry and the customers’ interests. Therefore, a truly good translator should have years of experience in foreign language learning and in living abroad, with a global and cultural knowledge and vision, be able to properly handle the different geographical, ethnical, cultural problems, etc. and possesses a high degree of responsibility and professional ethics. Second, some customers think that there is not much difference between the management system and operations process of translation services. Of course, this is not the fault of customers, but a trouble caused by advertising. Throughout the whole translation industry, whether large or small translation companies, you will find that their advertising materials and business introduction are similar to an astonishing degree. In fact, copying has become a norm to some extent globally. A lot of private companies and agencies just copy other companies’ contents without exerting any extra effort. For a renowned translation service provider, its management core and professional translation process cannot be easily simulated. Third, some customers even think as long as the test translation is okay, the final version or output should be okay. Customers can definitely have an idea of the overall condition of the translation service through the test translation. However, due to the short length of the test translation copy, it may not show the capability of the translation provider to a full extent, causing problems to the customers eventually. It is even very risky for customers who really have no idea about the target language and translation process. Therefore, it is better for customers to choose translation service providers that operate internationally when it is difficult to evaluate translation quality, because these kinds of companies can choose excellent translators around the world to ensure expert-level translation. Aside from this, they have an abundant strength and rich experience in managing quality control processes to ensure translation quality. 

    Third, customers should pay attention to the price. “superb quality with a cheap price is the goal of many people. There are also a lot of translation service providers who offer a low price with a low translation quality to go with it. We are disappointed to learn that the dream may be quite elusive. There is never a good translation company with a cheap price. If you pursue low-cost or lower price unswervingly, you may find the final quality to be unguaranteed and shoddy. You may even lose more eventually. In addition, different translation companies provide different translation quality and services. Just making price comparisons is not recommended. It is better for customers to choose an acceptable price according to their budget. There is logic in the sayings such as “Cheap goods are of poor quality “and "You get what you pay for.". See more about the translation price in the Recommended Price of English- Chinese Translation – Chinese Translation Services.

    Finally, customers should pay attention to the translation service. It is quite important to achieve high-quality translation! Besides translation quality and price, service is stressed by customers increasingly, such as the profession level of customer service, the guarantee of turnaround time and confidentiality, the after-sales service, etc. Chinese translation company with good service can solve many problems of the customer and provide service with added value. Therefore, when communicating with translation companies, customers should pay more attention to details to find if the company is trustworthy. As such, the professional standard and reliable service of renowned translation service providers have become more and more popular among customers to achieve that win-win situation.

chinese translation services

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