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Chinese document translation - Fifty Common Chinese Idioms in English

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Translation of idioms commonly used in Chinese document translation:

1.    鐵石心腸 cruel and unrelenting / heart of stone

2.    置死地而後生 a vigorous and manly exertion

3.    千秋功業 a great undertaking of lasting importance / LASTING IMPORTANCE

4.    安居樂業 live and work in peace and contentment

5.    骨肉分離 family separation

6.    各得其所 be properly provided for / get what they want

7.    眾議紛紜 disagree on something controversial

8. 歲月不居,來日苦短 Time does not stay and is brief as the day

9. 夜長夢多 A long delay may mean trouble.

10. 時不我與 Time and tide wait for no man.

11. 依時順勢 keep up with the tide

12. 日漸沒落 being pushed out of business / boot out

13. 鷸蚌相爭 play A off against B

14. 浩然之氣 noble spirit / righteousness

15. 鳳毛麟角 a rarity of the rarities

16. 望而生畏daunting

17. 敬而遠之 at arm’s length

18. 眾矢之的 in the dock / public enemy

19. 毫無瓜葛 be divorced from

20. 爾虞我詐 sheer cunning and falsehood / intrigues

21. 備受推崇 be rewarded and respected

22. 善有善報,惡有惡報 the good inevitably is successful and the bad inevitably punished

23. 其樂融融 sweetness and light

24. 義無反顧 feel obliged to / no turning back

25. 物美價廉 attractive in price and quality 

26. 源源不斷 keep flowing in a steady stream / continuously?

27. 滾滾不息 endless rolling

28. 福祉 well-being

29. 精華 quintessence

30. 陰霾 specter

31. 勢不兩立 pit sth against sth

32. 打折扣 discount

33. 大展宏圖 score big points / big plans

34. 重整旗鼓 shock sth back to life / settle down, start a family

35. 不謀而合 coincide with/ happen to hold the same view

36. 染指 dip one’s finger in / encroach

37. 博大精深 both extensive and profound / profound

38. 源遠流長 has a long history

39. 諸子百家philosophers -

40. 天下為公all things are equal
41. 天下興亡,匹夫有責 The rise and fall of a country is every man’s responsibility.
42. 吃苦耐勞 bear hardships

43. 勤儉持家 frugality in household management /thrifty

44. 尊師重教 respect teachers and value education

45. 當務之急 highest priority / priority

46. 遭受重創suffer heavy losses

47. 先見之明foresight

48. 奇園古宅 exotic/ strange gardens and old mansions

49. 衣食住行basic necessities

50. 信誓旦旦promises

The above mentioned 50 items is commonly used in Chinese document translation, and we will continue to share other to help you understand the Chinese idioms.


chinese translation services

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